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Biological Control of "Grubs" discovered in Nepal

Posted by Rohan Baidya on December 31, 2010 at 3:18 PM

Interpreted from: A National Daily

November. 2010

Main Story:

After a long investigation and experimentation, it is now said by the group of scientist from Regional Agro-Research Center at Dhankuta, under the charge of Nepal Agro-Research Organization, have found a new way of dealing with the insecticide restraint pest named "Chafers Grub", which is the larvae stage of "Cockchafer"(Melolontha melolontha).


"We've found a new biological way to control these annoying grubs" - says the Central's Veteran Scientist, Mr. Govind Temalseena. In course of investigation, it is found that, if the fungus contaminated grain, of barley, gets a contact with a grub, it will stop it's further consumption and later, there can be marks on development of fungus outnumbering, on the body of the grub, that would slowly lead it to death.


The grain are cooked in Autoclave and then the fungus is formed after about few weeks later. The best thing about this method is that, the fungus are diligent and yet more rapid in sense of growth to multiply themselves from one - to million on the rate of reproduction. Therefore the effect of the fungus on the soil can retain for a long time after a use. Besides, they don't have any adverse effect to other domestic creatures nor to humans as well. The dosage are rated to be from 1 to 2 Kg  per 509 m. sq. (i.e. 1 Rope-nee) of farm land.


"This method was practically applied about 4 years back in a farmland of Sedhuwa at Dhankuta and still on, there has been no complains of any grub, hitherto." - adds Mr. Temalseena. The center is now taking the authority of producing and providing the fungus.

Brief about the pest:


Cockchafer's larvae live underground, in the soil, and consume the roots of the plants. Thus, ultimately becoming an occasional pest for the farmers. They change themselves to Beetle in 3 - 4 years


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Image: "Chafer's grub"

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